Ellesmere House - Edinburgh - Jack the Labrador

Jack The Labrador
Our dog, Jack, is a Golden Labrador and is roughly 6 years old. He is a rescue dog we got from the Dog Aid Society of Scotland in 2012.

Jack will bark to let us know when someone is arriving, but most of the time he curls up somewhere comfortable and snoozes. He is very polite and never jumps up at visitors or guests. He never goes into guest bedrooms, (one can only imagine what he thinks lurks behind those doors!!) He will get excited to meet you and will wag his tail furiously, begging you to stroke and cuddle him. He is a very sweet and loving dog. It is very likely, however, that you will only meet him when you come down to breakfast.

Not everyone is a dog-lover. We will understand if you prefer not to meet Jack during your stay and will keep him out of your way.

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